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Our Mission


Just Cause (Vision) and Mission

We dream of a world where we all are inspired to bring out the good in each other. Empowering generations to strive and make positive contribution to our world – one story at a time.

Our mission is simple, to inspire and empower our world to live an inspiring life. 

Founder's Note

At Mckintami, we see the world from a child-like perspective – through the lens of an optimist. We believe in storytelling and the use of stories to draw inspiration and an imagination of world worth living. We treat every conversation with a high importance, to satisfy our curiosity and to better serve our community.

Our goal isn’t to sell products, our goal is to empower and inspire. We just however happened to make quality designer products for the stories worth sharing.

I was privileged to travel and explore the world at age 17, exposed to diverse cultures and many a times faced with various difficulties. Throughout this whole journey people have always been there to help me grow. I realised that no matter our differences, we all have many things in common and therefore makes us more alike than we think.

As the founder of this brand, I owe you a great deal of sincere work, to create the world we envision. But I cannot do it alone. To those who like us believe in inspiration and empowerment, I have found this brand with you in mind and thought that you’d be inspired. How do we do? What advice do you have for how we could make it fit more closely to your worldview? – let me know at info@mckintami.com.

Stay inspired!

H. I. Makintami