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About Us

Established in November of 2018, Mckintami is an Australian brand whose mission is to create exceptional products inspired from the tales and stories of those who we once knew with the aim of empowering and transforming society.
We’re focused on enriching the human experience with our inspiring designer products, carefully crafted with love and empathy. Our emphasis is on our customers who believe in the power of storytelling. We strive to satisfy their needs and quality of life each and every day.


 McKintami found its origin and inspiration from “Makinta,” which means, “caretaker.” For centuries, this is a title given to the leader of a community since 1472 AD in the then Kanem Bornu Empire – modern day Borno, Nigeria. Drawing inspiration from his roots, the founder, Halilu Makintami, launched the Mckintami initiative. Today, Mckintami is a start-up brand that is prepared to enter the market making handcrafted shoes.

McKintami is more than just fashion; it is a brand whose vision is to disrupt the status quo by constantly searching for problems that need solutions. We believe that we are in the best of times in human history, and we are determined to make our contributions to help tackle some of humanity problems.