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Who is Mckintami?

Posted by Halilu Makintami on

Mckintami is a lifestyle, an ideology, a state of mind and a choice. A state of putting at the center of every a decision - to make a difference in the culture. That humans lead with belief and that we all are capable of more than we can imagine.

We dream of a world where we all are inspired to bring out the best in each other. If you believe in such a world, you are a Mckintami - A CARETAKER!

Our goal with this blog page is to make things better by encouraging and inspiring others to make better things.

A place where we will share ideas and engage with you. We hope you will sign up with us. We seek your permission. We understand how valuable time is to you. A time spent with us reading what we have for you is a lost time that can never be gained back. We promise to earn your attention and make the time you share with us worthwhile. 



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